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Duke Goes Directly to the Source...Alaska!

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Politically Incorrect Recipes

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It’s ok to be a little shellfish while supplies last!

Go ahead, be “Shellfish” at Duke’s right now. It’s really ok. And it’s all Sustainable.

It’s all about you and your love of shellfish. Go ahead and indulge yourself. Check out this menu below made for Tastiacs like yourself. It won’t last forever so get your tail down to Duke’s right away.

You’ll never feel better being so “Shellfish.”


P.S. Be careful, some of these dishes are Aphrodisiacs

“Shellfish” Menu

• Langostino Lobster Bites – love at first bite
• Lemongrass & Coconut Penn Cove Mussels – flex your culinary muscles
• Hood Canal Oyster Sandwich – aphrodisiacs in a tidy nest
• Duchess Combo – tastes like Angels dancing on your tongue
• Alaska Weathervane Scallop Polenta – the weathervane points to sheer gustatorial pleasure
• Dungeness Crab Cakes – so much Crab, they should be illegal
• Dungeness Crab Cake Mixed Grill – all mixed up and the best of all worlds
• Prawns Pasta Pesto – the best of Mexico meets Chef "Wild" Bill
• OH BOY! Hood Canal Oysters – aphrodisiacs and tastiacs stay focused
• Dungeness Crab & Sea of Cortez Prawn Gnocchi – soft pillow like pasta that makes you sleep like a baby